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Turn Your Sales Into Data

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Turn Your End to End Sales Activities' Into Data

Whether you have 1000 - 10 million products, we are able to print Unique QR Code identity for your products.

You can connect the serial to the batch information in order to
  • Create a digital identity to the physical products
  • Provide end to end traceability information
  • Establish conversations with consumer
  • And collect valuable information about the activities

How It Works

Collect Data From CheckNowTM System
Generate unique identity QR Code through out our system, giving an unique tracking experience. Generate Printing Unique QR Code on demand on label / smart packaging via our Variable Printing Data Technology. Print Apply it to every single piece of products, before stock distribution. Apply CheckNow™ system is open to connect with your system that captures distribution data, promotes transparency and increases confidence level. Capture Learn what is the most effective way to promote efficiency, and what replenished patterns based on product distribution historical record. Learn

Turn your traceability data globally compatible

User GS1 Standards to be compliant with your customers.
CheckNow can process visibility events in EPCIS XML, and it can transform non-standard events to EPCIS format.
If you plan to use the traceability data in your ERP or SAP system or your customer requires EPCIS based data, we can open for integrations.